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Given all that 2020 threw at us, it’s not surprising that many people are now reassessing their health – and not just their physical health. In fact we are all assessing facets of our lives that impact our well-being including diet, physical activity, career, relationships, home environment, and spiritual practice. You could go as far as to say holistic health and wellness is at the forefront of most people’s minds right now.

Juice diets, detoxes, reboots, and the myriad of other ways people describe a juice cleanse has been a ‘go to’ method for solving many things ranging from giving up smoking to dealing with migraines. And who can look past the all important ... weight loss. Cue our recent blog....

Claire Georgiou

We asked Claire Georgiou, an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist her views on using a juice cleanse to lose weight.

So don’t miss this fantastic insight and useful information to assist your weight loss goals.

Join us now on the blog.

Whether you are a dedicated green juice drinker or have recently discovered the amazing health benefits of “going green”, you can count on LYC to offer a variety of functional and delicious options to incorporate into your daily wellness regime. We call green juice the tastiest way to stay on track of your New Year’s resolutions!

Shortly before starting your LYC juice cleanse, we recommend eliminating caffeine, dairy, alcohol, red meats and sweets and increasing your intake of fruit, veggies and whole grains, making your transition into your juice diet program much easier!

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Cashew Nut Mylk

Our Cashew Nut Mylk is dairy free and vegan. It’s a perfect post-workout protein boost. LYC has been serving up Cashew Nut Mylk for more than 12 years.

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Immunity Booster Shot

These shots are sweet and lemony with a powerful kick from ginger and cayenne. Often known as a ‘fireball’ you’ll feel the ‘get up and go’ in this immunity shot.

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Green Smoothie

Our first signature recipe introduced in 2009. Our Green Smoothie brings together leafy green vegetables with mango and banana to support our health, growth and immune systems.

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Adaptogenic Iced Tea

The newest member to the LYC range.  Adapto T' is 100% organic without any added sugar.  Our mixture is designed to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  It supports energy levels.


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