Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We charge the local going rate of $60 per hour for our all Web Design, Graphic Design, support and maintenance services.

To put that in perspective it usually take 20-25 hours to design and program a  website containing around 10 webpages.

More advanced websites involving eCommerce (I.e. an online store) will take longer, roughly around 30-35 hours depending on what is required.

As general rule the more features and specialised webpages your website contains, the longer it will take to create.

Isn’t that a bit expensive?

$60 per hour is the local going rate and there are some Web Designers in the area charging up to $88 per hour.  If you seek the services of a large design firm they are likely to charge $120 per hour or pad the expense to the nearest $500.  In comparison our rates are terrific value considering the exceptionally high level of service we provide.

How long does it take?

For websites, depending on the size and nature of your project it generally takes between 2-4 weeks.  Though, revisions and additions you make will increase the time.  The rate at which you communicate is also a significant factor, I.e. if you take a week to provide us with information that will delay progress by a week.

Graphic Design projects may a couple to several hours depending on what is required, but the turn around is usually much faster than Web Design projects.

Do you provide support?

Yes we do.  We provide excellent support and great advice! Time is a valuable commodity but unfortunately some people don’t respect this and will happily consume more time than is necessary.  We used to provide free support but it hasn’t worked in our favour, so charging the hourly rate ensures people use time much more effectively!

We do however provide an advice section on our website which is available FREE to our Mailing List Subscribers.

How do you keep track of the time spent on each project?

We record a summary of all services rendered and include this with our invoices. The summary includes the start and finish times, a description of the task(s) carried out and the total cost. We keep our services as transparent as possible!

What happens after the website is complete?

We like to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients and provide support as needed. Quite often our clients wish to expand their website in the future and this is something we can facilitate better than anyone else as we retain all the resources used in building our web projects.

Can you maintain and update my existing website?

Yes, we certainly can! We can repair faults and update content, or apply any of the services we offer to your existing website.

Can you redesign my existing website?

Yes.  We can take everything you love about your current website, give it a complete overhaul and remove everything you don’t like about it.

Do you design graphics and edit photos?

Yes.  Graphic design and photo manipulation is an integral part of Web Design.  We often design graphics from scratch for web interfaces and to retouch photos to improve their presentation for online use.

We can also professionally redesign your PDF documents so you don’t have to settle for something that looks slapped together hastily in Microsoft Word.

We also can produce professionally designed PowerPoint presentations to help you make a lasting impression, rather than use a generic template thousands of others are using.

Do you work with clients outside your area?

Yes!  Thanks to the marvel of the Internet we can work with clients anywhere in the world providing they have an Internet connection. If you’re comfortable communicating via Email, Skype or phone we can work with you! In fact, we once designed a 70+ page website for a client on the other side of the country (Australia) entirely via Email correspondence – no meetings or calls were necessary! However, we don’t travel to visit clients, so if you’re not comfortable with the remote communication methods, our services are probably not for you.

Where is your phone number and Email address?

When our contact information was available we received too much unsolicited contact, mostly people cold canvasing .  We were averaging 4-5 Emails per week from Indian companies offering services we’re quite capable of rendering ourselves! To initiate communication please use our Contact Form.  Once we’ve established you’re genuinely interested in our services we will provide you with our Email address, Skype username and/or phone number.