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With the Sixstar Method you will master:

Way of thinking of successful people

With years of experience we have cracked the code of the way all successful people think and now presenting it to you in the course.

Habits of successful people

Whoever wants success starts with their habits. First, we make our habits, then our habits make us. You will learn the habits that will push you forward and recommend which habits to avoid.

Finding purpose and joy

You will learn practical and simple methods of finding the inner fire, that drives people to do incredible things, and fills them with energy and fulfilment as a way of living..

Taking control over your life

The only one in control over your life is you. You will learn how to take the driver's seat and steer your life to your preferable direction.

Starting chain of events that lead to success

You will learn practical and physical actions you can take starting from day one, to create a route to your success.

Understanding the scientific aspects of happiness

We discuss state of the art scientific views of happiness, and what you can do in your daily life to enhance it.

What is the Sixstar Method?

It is a proven, simple and practical 6-stage formula to success developed by a team of professionals based on experience of thousands of successful people.

It is finally available online

The method works, it's a fact. Now you can get access to it too. We made the secrets of success available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can now reach a new level in your life just by Joining Sixstar and getting instant access to our video course.

Once you join Sixstar you can pick a coach

We have a professional and experienced team of coaches, to personally accompany you through your journey to success and help you implement the knowledge you've acquired from our online course. Can't decide which coach to pick? let us help and assign you a coach we think will be best fit. In any case, you can always switch coaches anytime.

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Success is a right, not a privilege

Who is a star?

A person who understands and implements the rules of success. Someone who achieves extra ordinary results time after time and writes the scripture of his own life.

Luckily, it can be learnt.

With Sixstar you can be surrounded with success!

We are highly experienced mentors and coaches whose sole purpose is to help people live up to their potential, become stars and gravitate to a higher level. A Sixstar coach will personally step you through your achievement process from start to end, from planning stage all the way through execution.


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