5 Great Ways to Add Value to Your Website

When somebody visits your website they’re usually looking for something specific, so don’t waste their time.  Make their visit a pleasant one, provide them with the information they’re seeking and give them something of value.  Ideally get their contact details so you can follow up with them later. 

Here are some ways you can add value to your website:
  1. Provide Informative and Relevant Content

    Your website should offer a wealth of information about your business, product or service.  Ideally it should be original material which is well written and persuasive.

    The aim is to educate your prospects as much as possible because doing so builds their trust.   They will look to you as an expert and when it comes time to hire somebody there is a higher probability they’ll chose your.  After all, who would you chose – a complete stranger or somebody who has made an effort to educate and build a relationship with you?

  2. Make it Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy To Use

    Your website should have a consistent layout, intuitive navigation and sensible colour scheme.  A well designed website is a great way to add value, not only does it enhance the user’s experience but it communicates the right things about you.  It tells people you’re conscious about quality and serious about conveying your image well.

  3. Offer a Free Report or Bonus

    Give your prospects a gift for visiting your website. Ideally whatever you give them should be an incentive to buy your product or service.

     A common trend is to offer a free eBook or report in exchange for subscribing to your Mailing List.  You could also offer new customers a discount coupon or a “by one, get one free” offer.

  4. Make it Easy to Contact You

    Your prospects may wish to contact you so don’t hide your contact details!

    Display your Email address and phone number on your website, ideally in multiple locations.  On each page somewhere near the top and again in the footer is good. Of course make sure they blend in with the design otherwise they’ll throw your website’s appearance off balance.  A professional web designer can help you strategically place your contact details within your webpages design.

    If you have a large organisation it may be beneficial to have a Contact Us page which acts as a phone and Email directory.  This way your prospects can contact the person they need directory without tying up your administration staff!

  5. Add A Blog

    Blogs are a great way to get people returning to your website because they will be expecting you to update it regular. They also have the option to comment on your entries which creates interaction between you and your prospects – this is another way of building a relationship. Furthermore blogs provide additional keywords for Search Engines, and the larger the blog the higher the probability of somebody finding your website.

    Blogs can also be integrated with Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace so every time you post an entry, the title of that entry appears in their News Feed as a status update or tweet.  This is a great way to notify people content has been added to your website. All they have to do is click on the link provided with the update/tweet and they’ll be taken to view information.

    Of course, for your blog to succeed you’d have to enjoy writing and be prepared to update your blog a couple of times per week.  Like any website content your blog still must offer valuable content relative to service or product.

There are many more ways to add value to your website, so if you’d like more suggestions feel free to contact us using the form below.


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