Wielding the Power of Wikipedia – Part 2

In the previous article we learned what Wikipedia is and how your own Wikipedia article can be advantageous to your online presence. In this installment I’ll explore what makes a good Wikipedia article.
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What makes a good Wikipedia Article?

  1. Well written articles!
    To state the obvious, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is imperative.  Fluid prose is also desirable, but bear in mind Wikipedia articles have a particular style which the prose should adhere to.  So avoid adding your unique flare to articles.
  1. A collection of credible references.
    Wikipedia articles should have credible reference to affirm every piece of information.  The references should derive from a variety of media, not only websites but also include newspaper articles, radio interviews, TV interviews, magazine articles, journal articles, catalogues, almanacs and year books, official biographies, documentaries, handbooks and manuals, other encyclopedias, and so on…
  1. Correct licensing information for images used in the article.
    Wikipedia has a strict copyright policy, so ownership and permission must be demonstrated for each image.  This can be difficult because unless you provide written permission for each image used in your Wikipedia article.It’s also important to consider you may not be the copyright holder of images depicting your property, branding or people who you are associated with.  To be safe it may be worthwhile confirming with the person who created the image (usually the designer or photographer) or a legal advisor with knowledge of intellectual property.
  1. Articles which are cross-referenced in other Wikipedia articles.
    If your article is referenced in different articles, Wikipedia will deem yours as more credible.  Articles which aren’t crossed-referenced may labeled as “orphans” with a notification highlighting this fact appearing at the topic of your Wikipedia article.This notification cannot be removed until your article is reference in another Wikipedia article.

Don’t forget to update your Wikipedia Article!

If your Wikipedia article was written a few years ago chances are its out-of-date.  It’s important to keep your Wikipedia article current otherwise it may lose its effectiveness.  Certainly it will still educate people on your history, but if you’ve made a significant achievement in the last six months the article will lack this information. This may cause the reader to miss vital information which may have prompted them to visit your website to seek further information.

Other Wikipedia Authors

It’s important to consider Wikipedia is a collaborative medium and other authors may edit or contribute information to your article.  Unfortunately not all authors maintain a high standard of writing so they may lower the quality of your article.  While you cannot legitimately remove their additions if their content is properly referenced, you can edit their material to minimise errors and inconsistencies, as well as, improve the quality of your article.

How often other authors edit a Wikipedia article depends on the popularity of the article, but it may be worth reviewing your article every six months to ensure nobody has done anything detrimental.   However, this does not mean you may remove or rewrite unfavourable content to improve your personal image!

What your Web Design Expert Will do for You

We’ll author you a fully referenced Wikipedia article from scratch, drawing from as many credible sources as we can find.  Once your article is complete we’ll adapt it to Wiki format and submit it to Wikipedia.

We can also edit or update your existing Wikipedia article to improve its quality, add images or keep the information current.  We will not however, fabricate information or omit referenceable information you consider damaging to your reputation, although we make exceptions for information which is outright libelous or lacking valid sources.

You may be wondering if wiki websites use simplified markup language why would you need someone else to convert it article into wiki format?   Well, if you’re a busy individual and want to have fun in your spare time, you don’t want to spend hours learning the markup.  Wiki is certainly not as complex as other programming languages but you still face a learning curve when using it for the first time.  So that’s where we come in!

If you have any questions about Wikipedia articles or would like a FREE, no obligation consultation, don’t hesitate to contact me.

To your website’s success!
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