How Do I Get A Website On The Internet?

If you’ve never owned a website you may be uncertain how you actually get one up and running. No problem, this article will teach you all the steps!

This lesson assumes you’ve read the lesson on Internet For Beginners which explains basic Internet terminology.

Step 1 – Find a Hosting Provider

A Hosting Provider or Service is a business which sells storage (also know as “hosting”) space on the Internet. It’s this hosting or web space where the files of your website live.

Webspace is housed on a computer called a server, when somebody visits your website, the files are transferred from your provider’s server to their computer. 

Imagine a server is like an apartment block and hosting space is like renting an apartment.  You’re allocated a certain amount of space within the building, or in this case the server, so the bigger the apartment the more it usually costs to rent.  Same goes for Web Hosting space which is measured in megabytes or gigabytes. For example you purchase 500MB of webspace to store your website.

However, there is an additional factor with Web Hosting called bandwidth, traffic or data limits.  This is the amount of data the Hosting Provider will allow to be downloaded from their server, usually capped at a monthly limit.

Say for example you have a video on your website which is 100MB in size and your data limit is 2GB (to put that in perspective there are 1000MB in 1GB).

Each time that video is viewed in its entirety 100MB is downloaded from the server of your Web Provider.   So this means your video can be watched 20 times (20 x 100MB = 2GB) before the data limit is exceeded.  Once this happens the provider will either suspend your hosting account (meaning your website will be taken offline) or charge you for each additional gigabyte downloaded. 

Neither is very helpful to your business so make sure the Web Hosting Service you choose has a package to meet your requirements.

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The next vital step is registering a domain name which is done through a service called a Domain Registrar.  Think of it like registering a personalised number plate for your website.

Once your domain is registered you have exclusive use of that name so long as you keep renewing your registration, usually this is for 12-24 periods but can be longer.

Again, if you need help registering a domain we’re quite capable and we deliver at a price more competitive than anything the major Telecommunication companies will offer you!

Step 3 – Associate your Domain Name with the Hosting Space

This is done by logging into your Domain Registrar’s Control Panel and entering the DNS (Domain Name Server) information of your Hosting Provider.

This step may be a little tricky, even for intermediate Internet users, but don’t worry – I’m here to assist.  Just Contact Us if you need help.

It then takes up to 72 hours to bind your domain name to the webspace, but once that’s “resolved” you’re good to go!

Step 4 – Upload your website or have one designed

Now you can upload your existing website or have one designed.  This is where a Web Designer is very useful and we’re very capable of designing websites if you don’t currently have a designer.

What Next?

If you’re still unsure we can arrange a complete website solution you.  We’ll take care of the Hosting Space, Domain Registration and Web Design. Just Contact Us so we can arrange a FREE consultation.  I’ll be happy to advise you of your options.

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