2010… wow. What an EPIC year!

I think I could confidently say that this year has been the biggest year of my life. And that’s saying something, I’ve had some pretty big years. But so far this year, I have:

Painted an entire house
Moved interstate
Lived in a caravan park (with my husband and 3 small children)
Moved into a waterfront apartment
Joined a massive church
Suffered from homesickness
Taken on the role of ‘Mum’s taxi’ every Saturday for choir and dance lessons
Started writing a book
Taken my first overseas trip (10 days, 2 countries, 7+ cities)
Visited a school that we sponsor in a remote Indian village
Vowed to some amazing children that I would personally do everything I could to help them get an education
Featured in a film produced in LA
Written an ebook resource for my husband
Endured a marriage breakdown
Reconciled a marriage
Finished the first draft of my book
Attended a red carpet premiere in Hollywood (of the film I featured in)
Set up a foundation for underprivileged people in developing nations
Taken on the role of PA for my husband’s thriving business
Helped my daughters prepare for their world-class end of year dance concert
Bought my own website
Started a blog.

And it’s not over yet… next week we travel to London and Paris for a week before heading to India for 3 weeks (with the kids of course, their first international trip..yay!!) for Christmas and New Years in India, and then kicking off 2011 with a short stay in Bangkok before heading home to Sydney.

I have loved every minute of this amazing year (well, no, not every minute, some parts I would rather – and will – forget, though they have made me a much stronger person), and I really can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.

It really is amazing what can be achieved in a single year, what you can learn about yourself and about other people, and how much you can grow as an individual. At the end of this incredible year, I am an entirely different person than I was at the start. And I like who I am!

K xx

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Hello world!

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