Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the Club’s Lenders?

No, you can use whichever lender suits you best. In fact there is NO OBLIGATION to use any of the club’s services. You can cherry pick the services which suit you best and go wherever you like for the rest.

I’m on a Low Income

The Investors Club plan is designed for people on average incomes and above. It is self-paced so you progress when you can afford to. Using our free Cashflow Analysis Program you can determine what you can afford and when you are likely to be ready to purchase another property. In addition we can keep you informed of the best borrowing options available to you.

Furthermore, you don’t need any cash if you have enough equity in your home or you could share the purchase with relatives or friends who do have and/or use other assets as collateral.

Isn’t Investing Risky?

Everything in life has a degree of risk… Driving a car can be very risky, but you take measures to minimise the risk as much as possible. You do everything from learning to drive to adjusting your seatbelt properly, after awhile you become experienced and the risk is no longer an issue.

Just like a driving instructor The Investors Club with the aid of Support Members like myself make will provide you with the training and support so you avoid mistakes.
We help to ensure you buy the right properties, in the right areas, with the right protection and find the right tenants.

What About the Global Financial Crisis?

Generally, property investing is a very low risk for of investment. Even when the Australian property market crashes real estate values only decline slightly and are historically proven to increase well beyond their value before the market crash.

Despite what the media says, a market crash is actually the best time to buy because property is more affordable. Intelligent investors take advantage of this and buy as many properties as they can. The Investors Club will teach you how to identify which properties will increase in value the most.

Won’t Investing in Property create a lot of extra work for me?

This is a common myth. Rest assured you’ll never need to unblock a toilet or change a light bulb at 3AM in the morning!
The Property Managers deal with the tenants meanwhile Club Maintenance will take care of any repairs. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy that rent coming everything month.

Surely this The Investors Club is too good to be true?

No, there is nothing nefarious happening here!

Quite simply The Investors Club funds itself. The vendors who sell properties through the Club pay a commission and in exchange the Club assists to sell to their properties much faster. The vendor’s commission is then used to fund all free and discounted services.
So it’s a Win/Win/Win situation for the developer, the club and the investor!

  • We are NOT conditioning you to buy an expensive homestudy course in the future! In fact the only thing we have to sell you is the latest version of Kevin Young’s book “Property. Prosper. Retire” More information
  • We are NOT collecting your personal details to sell them to marketing agencies! We hate SPAM and your privacy and trust is very important to us so we will NEVER give, sell or rent your personal information.

So what’s the catch?

The catch is YOU!

Anybody can learn to become a successful property investor but it’s a matter of taking that first step, and the first step is simply contacting me. Ask me as many questions about property investing and the Investors Club as you can think of. Turn it upside down, inside out!

Remember The Investment Club has no membership fees or the obligation to use any of its services. You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting me and everything to gain because the knowledge I have to impart could be life changing.

It could lead you to a life of financial abundance – imagine not having to work unless you actually wanted to! Imagine all the places you could travel, all the things you could buy for yourself, family and friends… But it’s not going to happen if you sit around and procrastinate. So contact me right now.

The Investors Club is here to help you make money, not take your money!

All the very best from your friend and mentor,

Barry Neave

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