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Brad is great, easy to work with and very professional. I am already using him for another project. Communication is excellent and project delivered even faster than expected. Extremely professional, quick and easy to deal with.

Former Head of Operations

Brad was great to work with and very responsive considering he is in Australia and we are in the UK. Great work, love the design, and happy to make changes as needed. Highly recommended.

Sam T

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Project Decscription

The Client

Barry Neave has contributed generously to his local community over the decades.  He is notable for his involvement with St. John’s Ambulance and the volunteer fire brigade, as well as, establishing Tasmania’s first ambulance rescue service. In recognition of his efforts Jaycees awarded him the Outstanding Young Australian for Services to humanity in 1977.

In the time since Barry has become a successful real estate investor and provides free real estate investing support through an organisation known as The Investors Club (TIC).   Barry has since moved onto bigger and better things but has kindly allowed us to use the website in our portfolio, not mention he also wrote us a superb testimonial!

The Project

We designed Barry a website and produced marketing material which enabled him to generate leads for TIC via the Internet.  We adopted a “long copy” approach and wrote a lengthy sales funnel which addressed concerns and provided important information about becoming a TIC member.

As TIC is a national organisation Barry wanted also a local hub which members could visit for updates on meetings and social gatherings.   To achieve this we implemented a blog so every time Barry posted a new entry, the title would appear in a list of “Members Updates” on the homepage.

The Property I Invest website is a customised WordPress theme with a Contact Form in the footer of every webpage.  In addition, Barry’s contact information was also available in the footer to provide prospects with the option of contacting him themselves, or submitting their details and having him contact them.

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